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Venus Retrograde in Leo – An invitation to journey into the underworld and reclaim your true essence

Venus is the planet most often associated with love, money, beauty, and pleasure. Although these elements can be viewed as superficial in nature, they actually serve as external representations of our connectedness to our truest divine nature as humans on this planet Gaia. Venus’s connection with the Earth Gaia and the divine feminine allow us to use her as a portal to connect with our subconscious inner world, true nature, deepest desires, and ability to attract our truest desires through the energetics of receptivity.

Venus has a 19 month cycle and we are currently closing out a Venus in Capricorn cycle that began January 8 th , 2022. Venus entered into retrograde in Leo on July 22nd and will remain in retrograde for 40 days and 40 nights until Sept 3 rd . She is currently in her final visibility of the evening the star phase and will go out of sight on August 8 th . Venus will unite with the sun out of view on August 13th. This movement into her position closest to the sun on August 13 th marks not only the union Venus with the sun, but the end of Venus’s 19 month cycle in Capricorn.

This Venus in retrograde process is often compared to the goddess descent into the underworld in mythologies involving goddesses such as Inanna/Ishtar and Persephone. These parallels tap into the archetype of the goddess descending into the underworld to reclaim gifts that have been taken or hidden from her and to release elements of the unconscious that are holding her back. This is a journey into both sides of the subconscious/shadow – both the dark shadow and the golden shadow. There is an invitation during this retrograde to both identify and release subconscious programming that is no longer serving and to access and awaken gifts and lost or dissociated parts of self. There is an opportunity to access deeper parts of these subconscious realms and bring more conscious awareness to hidden aspects of your truest self. As you do the work to dissolve the barriers blocking your awareness of these aspects of self, there is an opening created for RE-membering the unique blueprint that you carry within you – the gifts and deepest desires that will allow you to bring into this world that which you came to create and that which only you can bring.

The energy that Leo brings to this Venus in retrograde ask you to embrace the sun aspect of shining that truest aspect of self externally into the world around you. This is a time when true self wants to be seen and appreciated internally and externally. There is an invitation here to be true to and claim all parts of yourself, including those that don’t conform with societal and family expectations. In fact, when dealing with the shadow aspect of the feminine it is important to seek out those areas that make you most uncomfortable. Being completely raw and honest about what your deepest desires really are, and seeking out those that remain hidden to the conscious mind hold the key to greater agency over your lived experiences. What do you value that you deny you value? Where do you have love and passion in a place there is also fear, pain, or longing? What areas of your life are lacking flow and life-force energy – the energy that powers your heart? Where are you withholding love?

Tap into your heart and allow that energy and your feminine-led intuition to explore these areas during this time. Remember that Venus is feminine in nature and does not strive for what she desires but rather opens and attracts the desires of her heart through receptivity. Softening into these uncomfortable longings and desires and holding them with love, honor, and acceptance opens a door to re-assessing and re-writing karmic contracts in this lifetime.

While this is work that can be done at anytime, there is an opportunity to go deeper in this space with the support of the Venusian cycle now and in the coming days and weeks. Working with the planetary cycles adds even more power and potential for change in all of the internal and external work that we do, so I encourage you to set aside time during this Venus retrograde in Leo cycle to journey inwards, connect with the heart and reclaim that which is yours. Release that which does not serve the path of your highest truth, and RE-member your birthright as a human on Earth Gaia at this time.

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