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I'm so incredibly grateful to have worked with the medicines. I was having such a difficult time for so long that I never could have imagined that my life could be as beautiful as it is now. Over 3 retreats in 6 months, I was able to let go of so much baggage, I now feel so light and free to live my life. I'm so full of joy and love and connection with others, it's still hard to believe. I grew so much as a person and I've been empowered to completely change my life.

They have provided me with the guidance and support I needed to face my past and let go of my suffering. I received really practical tips like breathing exercises and solid life advice. All of this is done in such a kind and caring way that I felt so safe and protected and cared for. And I always have such an amazing time connecting with others at the retreats, I've gained many close friendships.

I can't recommend highly enough!

What People Say

—Kevin Lang, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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