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Finding your purpose with Shamanism and Claiming the Self

Life is so interesting, we start by making these little adjustments or new ways of thinking. And little by little, day by day, we evolve, we grow and we transform. And one day you look at how far you’ve come and the change has been so significant yet so subtle at the same time.

Looking back, I was trying to pinpoint the exact moment I came into my destined self, my infinite self, the self that will heal my identity in this life but is healing all timelines of all existences. And it's true, my journey with Pachamama Sacred Path did begin with a sacred medicine ceremony. But taking the next step to begin the Shamanic Initiation class has utilized the medicine teachings and grounded them into deep wisdom and appreciation.

By walking the path of the initiate you discover a deeper sense of self and true embodiment of YOU, and you as a GOD. This is done by tangible rituals, breathwork, and declaring yourself and presenting yourself to Pachamama as the Noccan Kani.

These simple yet methodical practices allow you to step into your power, remove conflicts, and proliferate the seeds of life you want to plant.

If you have sat with the medicine and still are desiring to dig deeper, take the next step, or are curious to see what can unfold. I truly implore you to reach out and inquire about the Shamanic Initiation course.

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