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Jun 11, 2024 - Mar 11, 2025

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Welcome to this second module, in which we will move from the consciousness of the ¨Runa Paqo¨ to that of the ¨Hampeq¨. This 38-week Journey provides the necessary wisdom to establish yourself as Mother Nature´s (Pachamama´s) steward. The purpose of these nine months is to integrate the conscious awareness of the Animal and Plant Kingdom while becoming a Healing ambassador that masters Plant and animal Sacraments. Mastery of Shamanism and your Occult/Inner worlds. As part of the Initiation path, the experience involves: Cuti Despacho Power Animals a) Past b) Present c) Future Paradigm Integration a) Economy b) Religion c) Science b) Politic In Utero Reprograming a) Level 1 b) Level 2 Biological Mom & Dad Integration Family Programs Ancestral Program 7 Generation Chart and ritualizing Missayoq Initiation Icaros a) 4 Elements b) 4 Directions c) Intonation and Infliction d) Invocation and Manifestation Kawsay Pacha a) Wakas b) Wayras c) Samanas d) Qanchas e) MuyuQanchas Plant and Animal Realm Navigation Madre Ayahuasca Ninos Santos Abuelo Hikuri Abuelo Huachuma Padre Sapito Madre Sananga Abuelito Kambo Abuelita Bobinsana Abuelo Chiric Sanango Abuelo Mapacho The Hampeq initiation provides the formation and Empowerment to officiate ceremonies to heal deeper aspects of a person´s Ukhu Pacha.

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