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Newly developed course: Chakra expansion and Kundalini Flow

Updated: May 19, 2022

Hello again!

We are excited to announce our non-profit is coming along beautifully! We filed for exemptions and other permits and everything is lining up with great ease!

As we moved forward through the past couple of months, different people requested an experience of energy, and I realized then that we've never offered a basic course for new comers to experience their different levels of self awareness through the Chakras... And so we did it:

Chakra expansion and Kundalini Flow is the name of our new course and even before it was imparted for the first time, we knew it was going to be a powerful experience!

We began with a quick introduction to the chakras followed by drinking clear quartz charged alkaline water with added Mono-atomic Ormus. The Quartz Crystal was supercharged with the recent moon and everybody in the room felt the power of this!

So now we had that supercharge of energy flowing while our body balanced into an alkaline state.

Then came 4 powerful Breath-work initiations Nadi Sanchalana Yin Yang Pranayama

Bhastrika Bandhas

OTBS (Open Thankfulness Breath of Self)

These processes left participants in a state of connection and bliss to lay and meditate in silence while we played our Theta Love iQube, creating a deeper connection in a vortex of scalar waves. The energy of the space was truly loving and peaceful

40 min of relaxation/ meditation later, we began our Chakra Workshop.

By now, all participants were very relaxed and sensitive enough to face and release any blocks encountered at each chakra.

We meditated on the many different aspects of the chakras so that we could all connect in a deeper way with the essence of each energy center

some of the aspects were:

Yoga Pose,



Essential oil,






imbalanced aspects: Overactive, Under-active

Finally an 8 to 10 min guided meditation on each chakra, which many of the participants experienced intensely.. Some cried in joy, others cried when clearly releasing old attachments of personality that caused intense emotional pain.

We received many praises on the structure but we know there are a couple things here and there to twitch and improve...

Flowing in a state of openness at all times is similar to those concepts of staying in a meditative state throughout the day.. however it requires some discipline and dedication to knowing ourselves and dedication to knowing our relationship to the divine. Knowing ourselves in higher ways must be our purpose

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, and if you are ever interested in taking part in one of our workshops, retreats or ceremonies please dont hesitate to call us

Luminous Blessings!

Namaste! Noccan Kani Yael

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