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And then the thing becomes clear.

The thing you thought you were missing. Eternity that exists right before your very eyes. Eternity beckons your name for you to join. Are we listening to the call? Do we believe that life has a voice? Inherently speaking to us thru all of nature. Yet we struggle to hear when the world thus our minds have become too loud and distracted. Stress perpetuates the disconnect between the mind and the body, leading us further away from the natural joy of the soul.

For it's a simple thing to get along and a complicated thing to not. The mind is always looking for reasons to justify its resistance, the mind with its attempts to keep you safe within the known. Say, "Thank you" mind. But, no thank you. Our heart's longing can not be shunted. The heart's love feels small within the mind's narrowness. The constant bombardment of thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgments, and drama eventually tires us. Utterly overwhelmed, it seems that even the highest intelligence of the mind struggles to comprehend what it is to become one within a reality of love.

And it can seem eternal the amount of suffering we can endure. Moment after moment after moment repeating the same old, worn-out pain. We've become complacent. Comfortable in the repeating of the familiar that diminishes the spark within the fire. So blessed to be alive, and yet cursed to be born.. again! When is enough, enough? Have we reached the point where we just can't take it anymore? For we've tried to run, and we've tried to hide. We've cried and cried and we've fought until we died. Yet here we are, still moving too far along on a lie. It's the path we're here to experience. It's the real-life we're here to know. Deeper within there's a curiosity that grows, that curiosity may show me how the heart flows. Released we are now, released into the unknown.

So then, perhaps we don't need to compete if there's nothing to prove. Your worth and value are a pearl within the heart of who you are. Who you are is beyond your past, your history of trauma and abuse, your personality, your culture, your sex, your race. We are learning this now. Yes, we all deserve 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances too. We all have a choice to forgive ourselves and others for our mistakes. No one individual has it all figured out but when we come together with open hearts and open minds, everything becomes possible! It's not necessarily going to be easy, but there's hope in a will strong enough to not give up. There's no defeat as long as we're willing to try. Together.

Noccan Kani


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