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Awareness and Receptivity

Feeling a little lost on my path, I asked the Universe to send me a clear message.  Within a few seconds, I heard a loud high-pitched frequency in my ear.  I then had the sudden urge to go out for a run.  Due to a nagging back and knee issue, I had discontinued running.  I told myself, I would listen to my body and take it easy.  

As I started on my run, my body told me that I should’ve worn my knee sleeve.  I thanked my body and continued on, telling myself that next time I would not forget it.  As I continued,  I suddenly started to get emotional, realizing that the last time I really enjoyed a good run was with my dog, Grace, who passed away a few years ago.  It was apparent that I had some blocked energy that needed to be released.  I had a little cry and as quick as it came, it was gone.  I was running on a mountain road, I was very cautious of cars coming and going.   My body told me to relax and just listen.  As I continued, I noticed a beer can on the path, it sent a memory of a time when I would drink to cover up my dense emotions. I then saw a fork that sent a memory of how I was constantly battling with food to feel good about myself. I could clearly see I was being taken down memory lane. Oh, how beautiful the Universe works. 

 I started to feel and hear my body telling me to turn around.  My ego wanted to continue, I had this inner dialogue with myself at which time I reached a bridge.  My Divine clearly asked me to cross the bridge. As I crossed, it felt as if I was crossing into another dimension.  

My return run was quite interesting, I saw another beer can but this time it had no meaning, it was just a beer can.  I could hear my ego saying, “Hey wait, remember it’s a beer can, and remember the memories!?”  I gave it no attention and continued on.   At the end of my run, I passed by an apple tree that was near my house.  I noticed when I left for my run that there were a few on the ground, however, on the way back, apples were abundant on the ground!  I have an abundant life. If we continue to keep our hearts open and receptive, our Divine and the Universe are always ready to send a beautiful message and give us all existence beyond our comprehension.  

Noccan Kani Sonia Salas

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