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February Awakenings

Updated: May 19, 2022

Tribe coming together!

February yielded many blessings, cleansings, and awakenings. As always, strong new friendships based on healing came to life, along with a strong community bond that serves as integration and support.

February 12th-14th Pescadero, CA The group experienced an amazing intervention and great support from our Sacred allies (Mother and Father medicines) especially Grandfather Hikuri (Peyote): become aware of the masculine archetypes that have been neglected. We experience that Healing is not easy, It takes courage to face our vulnerability and the whole group united in reverence and humility for the

4 days of deep healing that included breathwork, daily juicing, singing and a lot of self introspection.

At the end we offer it all to Mama Cocha (the spirit of the ocean), lifting up our prayer to flow like with the water element.

February 25th - 28th Nevada City, CA

We had a magical weekend filled with release and realizations. Mother was colorful, playful and taught us with love. Niños Santos were delightfully sweet and brought the innocence necessary to see our attachments and other fear based perspectives about ourselves and the world

Grandfather Peyote was a process of intense and loving communion with our masculine. We are happy to announce that finally, after a whole year, our dear friend Tim Lechuga is officially out of quarantine and he visited us on Saturday to bless us with sacred Chants and Bhajans. We all experienced a Tibetan singing bowl sound bath in the middle of Abuelo Hikuri. There were tears of reverence and joy, flowing with gratitude for the Awareness of Illatiksi (father mother divine).

We did closed the ceremony with Padre Sapito, receiving the new day and we experienced new contrasts that allowed for a wider comprehension of life. We offered it all with a despacho that anchored the truth of our experiences in our subconscious to better perceive the reality of existence.

Blessings upon Blessings Thank you February for your life, your gifts and your winds of change!


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