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Finding connectedness thru tribe consciousness and plant medicine

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

There we were, nestled in the Shasta forest. This was actually my first outdoor ceremony and the energy from the trees, wind, birds, sun, and sky created the perfect place for us to gather and celebrate all the sacred medicines gifted to us by Mama Allpa. As the group arrived I couldn't help but notice how quickly we all bonded. People of all ages, from all ancestral backgrounds, belief constructs, and economic and social platforms all gathered for one purpose, to engage in ancient rituals to reconnect us to self, Mother Nature, and the divine.

Our Shaman for this ceremony prepared his altar, and you can’t help but notice how he sets everything with intention, using various objects to communicate with spirit guides to assist in our processes, for protection, and to use these medicines to invoke the spirit of the plants and awaken us to their ancient wisdom. As the ceremony begins, some of us, if not all of us are just simply sitting next to one another in the sacred circle. However, as the rituals continued throughout the weekend, we were joined through our new tribal consciousness and the space our ancestors held for us.

As the weekend came to a close and the tribe reflected on what they gained from the ceremonies, many had the same issue going in, they were lacking a connection to others. They felt starved for meaningful human interactions. This tribe especially felt very bonded from the beginning and that strengthened as the weekend progressed, many left as new friends, even extending their time in the forest to camp with each other. That is the power of the ceremony, it will give you what you need. Your ancestral wisdom lives inside of you, it is available to guide your mind, body, soul, and spirit. The beauty of the medicines lies in the ability to awaken these pathways through the Q’ero shaman and Pachamama team.

Noccan Kani

Kendall H.

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