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Growth and Alignment (June's energy blessings)

Hello Everyone! We Greet you with a full heart all the way from San Miguel de Allende!

We had an amazing May just like we forecasted last month, and as we thank May for all of its energies and blessings, We open up to receive the transformations that June is bringing us.

Themes to experience in June are:

  • A) Recognition of repeating Patterns (Exiting old cycles)

Maturing the past

Transmuting our perception of the collective

  • Personal Responsibility and Contribution to the collective

  • Anya (Truth) as the bases for Love

All of June’s themes relate to our May Newsletter when we talked about Shaking the foundations of your subconscious identity. This is the path to becoming a New Being

As a Race, humanity is evolving and this means that we must evolve too… June is a beautiful opportunity to keep shedding and changing to this new way of Being

Recognition of Repeating Patterns:

June is going to show us situations that feel similar to past hurdles or struggles, and these are coming up for us to reconcile in the proper way. These patterns could look and feel like flashbacks from the past… We keep having flashbacks to release the attachment:

Anything that triggers fear from Ancestry or past personal experiences is for healing, for freedom

The Time of Reckoning for humanity is by no means an ominous time. It simply is, and must be understood with the purpose of releasing the attachment to what has been. Personal Evolution and Re-evolution is more present in a visceral way… These are opportunities for us to clear and clean the old to make space for the New: New prosperity, New connections, Growth, New life which can only be received in the Present and not in the past

Behaviors that are old and which are beginning to fade, beginning to be recognized as not valuable, like unconstructive criticism.. Healing of past relationships wounds. These wounds can be healed through a current partner or other Falling outs.

Sometimes, impulses to act could come as rational Insights. Remember that Insights that are strongly energetically charged do not need to be taken action upon. As always unattached, let it wash off. Give your timelines some time to develop harmoniously rather than pushing for manifestation.

June is a great month for healing overall

Transformation is the result of all of this healing but it could be heavy personally… now globally, we contribute to the collective evolution as well..

Compassion Fatigue, is just another word for a truly false sense of compassion, keen to a compassion out of expectation of myself. Compassion out of obligation…

New relationships to boundaries must be established, how much do you give others vs giving yourSelf. Compassion fatigue in relation to the savior is a fine line that we must establish a clear boundary about.. Develop empathy beyond your current state, but understand that sympathy becomes the means for becoming exhausted when we are offering compassion to others.

Evolve and let go of old behaviors and beliefs so you can adopt new behaviors and beliefs about yourself and the way things can be for you and the planet. “Behold I make all things new” means, everything that is faced I renew it into purposeful expansion.

How do you move energy through your body? Anya! Be with it, experience the hurt, connect to the anger or fear, disappointment, or the abandonment, rejection or feeling of betrayal, understand yourself through it, what do you belief about yourself and others.. This is tricky skill but a required skill; Every truth is claiming itself at that level of existence. Even a truth is a lie in itself, from both the personal and the external

Personal Responsibility and contribution to the collective’s ascension

This month we want to ask ourselves if we would like Progress vs or with humanity. The conceptual quick answer is YES, sign me up with progress with Humanity. Otherwise it could mean you are in conflict with humanity’s progress, and anything that causes you conflict will inform your reality.

However although the answer logically might be to grow with the whole, and learn from our contracts What is the best of our humanity, what is the best of the collective actions,, what is really motivating these actions behind the scenes…

This is important to change the lack of accountability to stand up for ourselves in front of the world to guide what is right… Divine Will is the source of your inspiration when you are in alignment to freedom. Explain what you feel is true, present it in a way that makes sense: you will either set a new marker for truth based on your inspired divine will or you will grow out of an old belief. This only happens with inner contentment for the outcome of your expression.

What do you feel about yourself in the face of truth of others. Who are you in the face of someone else’s truth? This is the Teaching of ANYA

Cleaning up the global (and sometimes even the personal) could feel overwhelming.. But all this takes is focus, lighter perspectives and strength.. If you feel fragile, choose wisely about when to have that conversation.

Instead we could just be present to observe and allow

June suggests: DO NOT FORCE your projections and desires unto the cosmos,,, Often when you see the future you is that you projecting ideals that bring you comfort. Rather see what is given to you in divine timing. Your only means for harmonious vibration magnetization is then your state of being. If you are looking for prosperity, pray efficiently with ritual and then be present to receive… you cannot receive in the past nor the future, ONLY IN the Present

Remember at all times of Stress or anxiety, Love is the Connecting life-force, love is the answer to those stresses and anxieties. Let them be, let it be.. This doesn't mean to be complicit, nor righteous: go back to your truth and respect their possibilities for prosperity as well.

May this be your truth to accept all truths out there

Munay Munay Munay

Noccan Kani

Illatiksi Yael

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