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Letting Fear and Anger Get the Best of Me

I am an unabashed aficionado of the Marvel Universe, and the elation I experience is matched only by the revelation that many of my friends within the Pashamama Universe share my fervor. Amid the captivating relationships woven into this expansive comic tapestry, there are none that has ensnared my heart and soul quite like the love saga unfurled between Wanda, the enigmatic Scarlet Witch, and Vision, the sentient android. Their narrative transcends the realm of fiction, encapsulating the essence of love's transformative power—a force that impels individuals to confront their deepest fears and simmering anger, birthing an evolution that knows no equal.

The haunting words echoed by Wanda, "Letting fear and anger get the best of us purposely expands the perimeters of the false universe we constructed” resonate through the corridors of my being. My life, too, has been etched with the indelible ink of victimization—some scars etched by reality's blade, others magnified through the prism of perception. Viewing existence through the prism of victimhood once proved a sanctuary, a sturdy foundation upon which I constructed the edifice of my professional and personal identity. The wounds, originating from my own ordeals as well as the collective traumas of others, served as both a compass and a burden. I devoted an expanse of four and a half decades to traditional mental health therapy that offered me a cocoon of empathy yet seldom urged me to cast aside my shroud of victimhood and consider an alternate reality.

It wasn't until the call of plant medicine that I gingerly began to peel away those distorted lenses. Here, in the gentle arms of nature's remedies, I was initiated into the art of self-perception akin to Vision's tender regard for Wanda—a vision unmarred by shadow, one that beheld the entirety of my being with an encompassing embrace. Just as Vision perceived Wanda not merely as a vessel of sorrow, but as an embodiment of resilience that defiantly navigated the murkiness, I, too, discovered the facets of my spirit that endured and flourished, basking in the radiance of the light.

Since that profound shift in sight, the old lenses have stayed off. Instead, a newfound superpower has unleashed within me—the ability to view others through the prism of luminosity and boundless love, even those entrenched in distant ideologies. My commitment to this life without fear and anger is unwavering.

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