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Living in Kawsay

When standing gratitude expressed for everything around, both external and within. It's acknowledging of diverse emotions, seeking harmony not just with the outer world but also within, peeling off new layers each day. There's a process of healing old stories, conflicts, and identities formed at different growth stages.

Recognizing the constant flow of life force always working in one's favor, challenges teach to shed old ways, emphasizing the need to stay grounded in the inner world. Through this ongoing process, a better relationship with time is developed, understanding it as an ally when centered within oneself and mindful of the breath grounded in the present time in the present place.

Navigating family demands, finances, work, and responsibilities is a significant test. Finding balance amid these paradigms requires staying focused on the present time and place. Despite the challenges, slowing down with a mindful breath brings one back to the center, where guides and inner wisdom reside. Patience becomes conscious, guiding one to be present before taking action.

Giving ourselves just a little more time to process what is going on around us, allowing us to work with our merchant consciousness in a way that does not happen in the reactive state.

Looking inward and checking throughout the processes of life at the moment, connecting with one's Muny, reconnecting to love, wish, and inner power.

Grounding oneself through this beautiful earth and expressing gratitude to Pachamama for her elements—the ground we walk on. Expanding awareness in all directions, embracing all aspects of oneself, and extending love to each create harmony with everything around and the guiding force within. With a heart full of gratitude and a spirit aligned with love, the journey in Kawsay becomes a testament to the continuous dance of growth, healing, and harmonious existence in the present moment. Each breath is a reminder that the completion of this lesson is an ongoing process, a spiral of self-discovery, and a connection with the flowing rhythm of life.

Noccan Kani, Donny

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