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My path so far

Greetings All. I 1st started w/ Pachamama Sacred Paths (PSP) upon my 1st Retreat on 5/2020 in Los Gatos, Ca. My finding Andres/Pachamama was rather interesting in and of itself as I was searching the Internet for, well a multi-medicine and modality Retreat in the States. After SEVERAL pages of searches/sites; I decided I was going to give it 1 more search/page before putting it down for the night. His/it was the last one on that page.

I am sure I am not the only one who gets this but sometimes I get a mental picture of someone whom I have yet to meet but upon meeting him at the Retreat in Los Gatos he was pretty much identical to what I had pictured. Of course, now, realizing he’s MUCH more than just a pretty face : ). In what has spanned for more than 3 years I have really grown to love him and have listed a core group of mentors, sages, etc.; he has certainly been on the top of said list and for that/him, I am eternally grateful. I will stop as I feel his blush across the miles. It has been said (somewhere, by someone, at some time) that it’s the people that really make the place. I have found that to be so true in my relatively short/limited time with all on this Path. Of the +/- 12ish peeps at that 1st Retreat, I am still in, consistent, honest, unconditional, loving, etc. contact with a few others, not including Mestre Andres. In fact, in speaking with one a while back , he was kind of moving through some grief of no longer having Andres as relatively close / in the States.

In conjunction w/ the Medicine Retreats, etc. I have also participated in the Shamanic Initiation Courses and Pratismarati Breathwork Courses over the years. I say all of this not in tooting my own horn by ANY means as I am a mere neophyte/pedestrian on this path. Integration of all lessons, etc. is f’ng paramount, at least for me. Yes, obviously I have had some “burning bush/white light spiritual awakenings” as a result of all of the above but if I do not integrate, internalize, embody, etc. these “awakenings” (insights, lessons, etc.) I stand to be the same as before I, as they say in the South, hugged Andres’/y’all’s neck (whether in person, electronically, or by looking at the same Moon we all see at any given time). If I were content with the “same” I would not have and/or continued reaching out much like I am doing now.

Hang on, gotta go get my water … I guess to make a LONG story short, I go back to a definition of Humility that I have heard for many years and I obviously paraphrase: A true understanding of who I am, and a conscious effort to be who I want to be. Andres and PSP have helped me immensely in continuing to fulfill that definition. Listening to Rage Against the Machine a bit ago, the words “Who controls the past now, controls the future” hit me. How I still may react to what or what did not happen in the past, controls my present, etc. Like I said, I could go on forever but …

Yours of the Moon

Andy Coffin

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 07, 2023

So beautifully put Andy!

Living in this almost constant state of gratitude and my new found awareness is better than any high I have ever experienced.

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