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Questioning our comfort zones 

So many times during a sacred medicine ceremony, we face aspects of ourselves that take us out of our comfort zones. The aspects of us that we have turned away from may be due to hurt, abuse, lack, and need. Alternatively, we embrace and want to hold onto the aspects of self that feel good. Love, happiness, and acceptance. But what if we look at the need to either hold on to the good and reject the bad equally as harmful?

The human desire to push away or embrace limits our ability to explore the deepest parts of ourselves. Having the courage to examine our thoughts and actions in a neutral space frees us from limitations we knowingly or unknowingly place on ourselves in a way meant to keep us in a place of comfortability.

My reflection for this new year is to understand why I am always in a space of wanting to keep my life in a certain way that I like and am comfortable with, I want to challenge these aspects of myself and find peace and personal growth by living a life where all experiences are welcomed because the true love for myself will be found once I eliminate the boundaries of this life.

So, I want to challenge all of you to do the same. What are some aspects of yourself or situations that you reject, and what are some aspects that you embrace? How could diving into these beliefs and honestly examining them free you to finally embrace your divinity?

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