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Reflections on Self-Compassion

Hello to all my brothers and sisters:

As I begin to write I notice some notes I took during class that remind me of my personal responsibility to my divinity within. The note reads:

“Nocca’an Kani

I am Tracy Silva, I am the priest(ess). I take full responsibility for the role of priestess in my life. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to connect to my divinity but my own”.

This note is reflective, yet, symbiotic and it has a lot of meaning as I struggled with my contemplation on what one of four topics to hone in upon in my life as a facilitator at this time.

After much thought, I decided on the topic of self-compassion and how vast self compassion expands within one’s awareness and consciousness and growth. The other topics I thought, “they are of value but this one topic is the slice of pie of them all”. My thoughts about the topic of self compassion were primarily focused on the subject of integrating self compassion (mostly), after medicinal ceremonies and what that really looks like. The thoughts upon “what do authors write about when they write about self compassion (popped in my head), as well as what does the Inca tradition emphasize when we speak of self compassion? I know the tradition emphasizes our knowledge of knowing thyself and releasing attachments. As well as the value of self love is emphasized, and self compassion is the gateway to personal freedom. We are all one.

First, I will share where my personal context of the concept of compassion began and what it looked like towards myself, prior to entering shamanism studies and the work I chose deliberately to do to self heal and how far i have progressed.

Honestly, on a personal level I was taught self compassion and self thought were “selfish thoughts”. They were called, “sinful”. In the event self care was considered outside of “basic needs” (ie. brushing one’s teeth,combing one’s hair), self care the expounded thoughts were vilified and quickly dismissed by the mind to “those should not be thought of” and clearly encouraged to be silenced and or dismissed.

The change (inside of myself), that has taken place is so profound that I consider myself a “work in progress”, and, that I am along with the integration of sacred medicine, able to recognize the magic and manifestation conjunctively with my own personal collaboration with self love gratitude for my divinity inside of myself, able to recognize I am of value and I have purpose. Therefore, this is quite the contrary consensus of selfishness yet, self awareness.

This is what I read in the contexts of the authors who have written further on the topic of self compassion and that is, “recognizing oneself and giving compassion to yourself allows for confidence, freedom and happiness that leads to even more self-awareness and more love .

The concept of self compassion I am now freed from the message of sin and I make it a strong point to integrate self compassion post ceremonial within my deliberate integration of liberating my mind body and spirit from all of the false messages and programming I once was in prison to and I love and live freely by treating myself with nurturance and compassion in confidence at the close of every ceremony. Please consider making your self compassion a priority when a ceremony is completed and even if there is no ceremony, still make your compassion number one.

If anyone should be interested in further reads upon the topic or daily flash cards on improving self compassion I can tell you there are boundless resources on the subject and many are found on Amazon. I plan to continue to increase my awareness on the subject exponentially.

Happy loving oneself!

Much Munay


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