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Sunlight of the Spirit

I am by no means “there” yet but … I may come out of various Retreats, peak experiences, epiphanies, awakenings, etc. all “Light, Peace and Love”, etc., etc., etc. but … Unless I practice those principles in all of my affairs, I am leading a double life. Again, I ain’t there yet but … I find solace in the saying of progress not perfection as long as I don’t also use the same as an out for myself. I have kidded around about the reason why I don’t get one of those inspirational bumper stickers is that I do not want to promote my “ascension” while giving somebody the finger for cutting me off in traffic (typically only to my cutting somebody else off 5 minutes later).

Yes, feeling the Sunlight of the Spirit is beautiful, etc. but … being the Sunlight of the Spirit is what I need to focus on. Obviously, being the Sunlight in turn also attracts the same; in life, people I am surrounded by, … “Light, Peace and Love”.

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