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The best is yet to come

2023 has been a year of profound growth for me on my personal journey. Looking back to the person who began this year and who the person is writing these words now; it is almost unfathomable to witness such a divine shift in who I was and who I am becoming.

A few years back, my life felt very stagnated. I was stuck in a toxic cycle of repeated self-destruction which was fueled by my unhealed childhood self. At that time, I didn’t know how in a few short years my life would be transformed, I couldn’t yet see the person I was meant to be, and a part of me didn’t think it was possible, largely because every single person I knew in a social, familial, or workplace setting was battling the same internal conflicts and acting like it’s just a normal way to live.

When I found Pachamama Sacred Paths, it helped me understand that I can break free of these paradigms holding me in a place that I have outgrown. My life can spontaneously shift for the better. In my life right now, even though I am at a place of peace, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, self-realization, and self-acuation. I feel like the best is yet to come because I am growing. I am knowing myself more and more each day.

So as we move into a new year, I want to ask you, what if for you, the best is yet to come?

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