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The Great Distraction

One of the most pressing questions that have penetrated almost every human-being in existence is, what is my purpose for being here on Earth. This experience is full of lessons to be learnt and challenges to be overcome. From my point of view, if one does not find the greater plan in play, this experience can cause one to wonder what is this all for and possibly take on a more “negative stance.”

All things made or produced, come with an instruction Manual. Funny thing is that we as humans question how we came to be outside of the physicality of how we are made. Some believe in reincarnation and others believe that we live and we die and then our souls either go to Heaven or Hell based upon our actions.

Based upon certain religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism teach reincarnation. This is the stance in which I also believe. The Soul can never die, yet be transformed. The Divine plan in play is too didactic and intricate for it to be a one and done experience. We have also evolved mentally to be able to see a very expanded version of this Omniverse that we play a part within.

According to conspiracy theories, we humans are kept in the dark (regarding our purpose), so that we will not be able to expand our Souls. This great distraction in turn causes humans to stay stagnant within this Earths existence. In actuality, we live within a program of duality where both sides are in play. There are those who are cheering us on in soul expansion, and others who want to keep us chasing our tail (so to speak). On a greater level beyond duality, this is all structured for our Souls to growth.

Continuing on, there is hope to find out what each human being or Soul is here to learn and the level of their soul. We now have Metaphysics which helps us to see past our current reality into an expanded version. The Soul has a way of calling out, because our very being is expansion itself and we are here to learn and grow because it is our nature. So the next time there is a gut feeling to seek answers, answer the call and take the time to learn something new. There is a whole part of existence yet to be discovered,and you yes you may be the one to discover it.

Natasha G.

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