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The importance of grounding

What does it mean to be grounded and why is it important as we explore our spiritual path?

A simple concept but sometimes in life we tend to over-inflate simple ideas which makes them seem out of reach for daily living. However, in our day-to-day lives, remaining grounded can create calm and balance in our lives. It can make our emotions or surroundings less likely to sway or unseat our mental focus when we don’t like what is


With a centered focus, we can fully be present within ourselves allowing our nervous system to regenerate by reducing inflammation, reducing stress, and improving blood flow energy, and sleep.

When we participate in sacred plant ceremonies, it can come easily to some to stay infatuated with the ethereal realm. This realm can be breathtaking but it can also be overwhelming without grounding and alignment within the process. Remaining grounded during sacred medicine ceremonies allows us to consciously observe and integrate the teachings of the sacred plants. So what are some ways you can ground yourself?

I like to set my intention for my day ahead after the Pratismarti breathwork morning class. You can also use journaling, walking, or hiking through nature, nourish your body with good food, and engage in a spiritual practice like yoga or energy work.

How are some of the ways you like to ground your energy and what new ways can you incorporate into your daily life?


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