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~Adapted by a Native Prayer~

Oh Wankan Tanka, Eternal Source of All, 

whose whispers resonate through the universe, 

And whose essence infuses all life with vitality – heed my plea – 

I stand before you, one among your vast creations. 

Though I am feeble and uncertain, I crave your fortitude and insight. 

Guide my steps to travel the path of beauty, 

And let the hues of dawn and dusk enchant my gaze. 

May my actions honor the sanctity of your creation, 

And may my ears be tuned to your divine melody. 

Grant me wisdom to decipher the teachings embedded in every leaf and stone, 

Passed down through generations. 

I do not seek to be superior over my kin, but strength to confront the battles within. 

Keep me ever ready to come to you with unstained hands and clear eyes, 

So that when life's twilight calls me, 

My spirit may ascend to you, unburdened by regret. 



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