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I am liberated

Some of you are aware of a part of my life's journey and would appreciate the significant transformation between then and now.

I liberate my parents from any sense of failure towards me.

I liberate my partner from the burden of completing me; I am whole and constantly learning from all beings.

I am in deep gratitude to my ancestors for paving the way for my existence.

I release them from past regrets, knowing they did their best with the awareness they had.

I am transparent before all, committed only to being true to myself and my purpose, free from family expectations that may disrupt my peace and happiness.

I relinquish the role of savior or meeting others' expectations.Through love, I embrace my essence and way of being, even if others don't understand.I understand myself through my unique experiences and emotions.I accept and honor myself.I recognize the divine within myself and others.

I am liberated.


Mato Cánté Tánagi Winyan

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