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Harmony iQube will clear subconscious negative, emotional, and karmic patterns

The Sacred Geometry Harmony iQube  comes with the Quantum Sound Therapy Software so you can create and play your customized sound therapy audiotracks through the scalar wave vortex. This allows you to pinpoint specific stress points and balance these on a regular basis. We recommend that you do a new Sound Therapy session for yourself weekly, and listen to this daily to accelerate the clearing of the deepest repetitive patterns that limit your potential. You will find that your “blocks” are cleared quickly and at times beyond your conscious awareness. It is an effortless form of repatterning that takes place. In Sai Maa’s words: “Your technology has the ability to release repetitive programming from the subconscious.”


Here what our Spiritual Tribe has to say about the Harmony iQube:

1. The triple nested sacred geometry of the Harmony iQube balances your environment & your mind. The sacred geometry acts as a constant support for a higher resonance.

2. The unique sacred geometry provides powerful protection from EMF’s and extraneous frequency bombardment

3. The sacred geometry of the scalar wave acts as a catalyst for the shift you need to make. The sacred geometry creates a feeling of peace, balance, clarity, and neutrality without effort and struggle.

4. Opens your third eye by burning through repetitive emotional patterns making the meditation process effortless.

5. Increases teen and young adult test scores and grades. Improved one teen’s SAT score by over 100 points.

6. Accelerates healing, sexuality, romance, creativity, playfulness, joy, and awakens your inner child.

7. Opens your heart to love and unity consciousness by forming a true connection to source and self.

8. Profound connection to inner self and effortless well-being may support the letting go of addictions of all kinds.

9. Increases growth of agricultural crops by25% to 75%.

Harmony iQube

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Harmony iQube comes with 110/240 power systems. We use an AC adapter to run the digital players 24/7.

    We provide multiple custom inert noble gas inserts plus 1 Oxygen tube. With our new designs and carbon fiber tubes we no longer have to exchange the noble gases.

    Digital Player is pre-loaded with custom frequency programs. Coupling the internal drive directly to our custom amp allows us to produce perfect frequencies and waveforms.

    Our Harmony comes with three bottles of Spirit Molecule Water concentrate and 3 bottles of IQube Water concentrate. These special waters were created to carry the priority frequency information into the body while flushing toxins and providing maximum hydration.

    A CA-3090 speaker system is provided when using Harmony in home or office.

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