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The Portacle Neuro™ is an Mac Only optional upgrade to the standard Portacle (You must own a version of the Portacle™ to purchase this upgrade).  It consists of expanded software algorithms and hardware in the form of a headband that contains two dry electrodes, which measure the raw bio-energetic signals from the brain, removes unrelated noise and transfers the signals to a computer via wireless Bluetooth, where they are analyzed, optimized and fed directly back to the user's eyes, ears and (with a optional vibrotactile device) their body.


An adaptive-stochastic oscillator diversifies the phase of each frequency of the raw brain data, thus providing every possible relationship of the actual (cosine) and potential (sine) components of the wave.  The signal is then split into two channels, one carrying the real actual components and another transporting the imaginary potential parts.  


Subsequently, this divided signal is further separated into two modes, auditory and visual.  The audio signal is routed to opposite ears with actual going to left and potential transferred to the right.  The user's brain must then reassemble the separated signal and recombine the two parts according to its unique manner of hearing and receiving through an internal process of rearrangement and reassembly.  This disassembly, rearrangement and reassembly of a person's actual and potential thoughts can resolve the tension between these two aspects of oneself, open up new possibilities and assist in actualizing potential.

The separated signal is also sent through a process that allows it to be seen visually.  The actual components are plotted on the horizontal axis of a Cartesian graph and the potential ones are mapped to the vertical plane, thus creating a field of approaching pixels, like flying rapidly through a star field in space.  Being presented with multiple possibilities at the same time, the human brain is forced into choosing one as the most resonant, and the mind "collapses the infinite wave function" into a singular state vector outcome.  With each collapse of the wave, the pixels combine together into mathematical and geometrical patterns that represent the chosen possibility of original thought.  Continued practice can result in learning how to collapse the wave function on any chosen intention, actualizing and manifesting it in the real world.


By these means a user is allowed to experience their own thoughts at the most basic, fundamental level where all reality originates.  Effecting change at this level is homogenous, where all of the different energetic aspects of the body, mind and spirit are unified before they become separated in the time domain we live in.  

In addition to the multi-sensory feedback, the values measured by the Portacle Neuro are employed in the calculation of real-time State of Being Indices that can identify 16 different states of mind at the same time.  These quotients can be used for various non-medical diagnostic determinations like attention, connectedness, energy level, and time perspective.  These values can also be used in gaming to help direct the player around and determine certain outcomes.


A PsioLink headband is required for use with the Portacle Neuro.  If you already own the Portacle, you can download and install the software free of charge at www.theportacle/  However, you will have to purchase the PsioLink headband from our store page in order to receive an serial code that will actualize it.  This comfortable yet powerful headset is used to wirelessly transfer the raw brain data to your computer.  

The Portacle Neuro takes the standard Portacle experience to the next level by bringing thought into the analysis and feedback in addition to spoken expression that the standard version offers.  Therefore, both quadrants of the manifestation cycle, thinking and expression are included in the self-experience. Thinking, intending and expressing various options into the neurocomputer to witness which one collapses the wave function unleashes the true Oracle nature of the Portacle™.

US Pat. No. 8788557, and additional patents pending

Portacle Neuro

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