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May  7th - 14th

At Pachamama Sacred Paths, we are happy to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, transformational experience, offering Sacred Medicine Retreats of varying lengths and depths, in order to meet you wherever you are in your spiritual path.

Each of these retreats are held at intentionally-chosen, energetically-charged locations to connect deeper with the divine essence of our mother earth, Pachamama. While there are many different ways to engage with Pachamama’s medicines, our retreats are crafted in a way that honors the traditions of our ancestors, not by simply replicating their rituals and practices, but by sharing the wisdom and context in which these rituals are practiced, with the purpose of applying these in a modern day context.

Our week-long retreats are for those who are ready to walk the Path of the Initiate. This retreat is for those who are ready to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm while participating in powerful transformational processes and ceremonies. This retreat is focused on the transformation of the individual through Medicine and Rites.

This Unique journey is a calling to step away from the pressures of daily life, in order to awaken to the truth of your being (Anya), refresh your spirit, and establish alignment between yourself and the harmony of Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

Our ceremonial retreat offers you a chance to sit in communion with four different master plant teachers, as well as work with a variety of other sacred medicines to deepen your experience. Each of these ancient ancestral plants, provide a specific lens that gifts you with an enlightened perspective about your life and yourself and creates space for deep introspection, healing, and transformation.


What’s included in the experience:


  • Sacred Mother Ayahuasca Ceremony

  • Niños Santos (Psilocybin) Ceremony

  • Sacred Father San Pedro (Huachuma) Ceremony

  • Sacred Grandfather Sapito (Bufo) Ceremony

  • Kambo Detox

  • Hapé, Sananga, and Cacao Circles

  • Guided Breathwork, Yoga, and Meditation

  • Integration Sessions (During and After Retreat)

  • Shamanic Rituals, Workshops, and Initiations

  • One-on-One Shamanic Consultations

  • All Meals, Lodging, and Accommodations


What to Expect:

During this retreat, you will be provided with a safe, comfortable space, as well as guided ceremonies and rituals that are intentionally created to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want, and what may be holding you back from creating the life of your dreams.

Our retreats are deeply rooted in the Shamanic traditions of the Q’ero and Wasqar lineages found in the Andes mountains of Peru.


You can learn more about the Q’ero Cosmology here:

These lineages have taught us that each of these sacred plants contains a live spiritual essence, with a familial relationship to our own. These ancient allies are available to help us illuminate the patterns of thought and behavior that are no longer serving us. When we open ourselves to their wisdom, these teachers can guide us to that which is within us that needs to be healed and aligned.

Mother Ayahuasca

This sacred feminine medicine allows us to engage with our emotional body, to observe and release emotional blockages and Trauma.


Ninos Santos Mushrooms

Holy Children (Psilocybin) help us to connect with our innocence and nature. Allowing us to look at life from unattached perspectives. Grounding Joy and Lightness.


San Pedro Cactus

Sacred Father (Huachuma) ignites our divine masculine energy and shows us what it is in our lives we need to take action on.


Abuelo Sapo

Grandfather medicine (Bufo) allows us to step outside of our egoic body, and connect to the cosmos to embody the truth of our being.


Although these sacred medicines can help us to see our lives with new clarity, they won’t do the work for you. However, with the help of these sacred medicine ceremonies, our retreat participants are offered a chance to connect deeper to the divine within and all around us. For many, the medicine circles allow them to experience deep emotional healing of past wounds or childhood traumas, and some even report healing of physical ailments.


You can relax in knowing that you will be safely looked after and assisted at all times throughout your journey. That support continues long after the retreat, as all community members have access to integration support, as well as the chance to join a community of fellow seekers learning and growing together.

ABOUT The Location: PRogreso, MX

Our retreat home is set on the beach in the beautiful town of Progreso, in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This setting will allow us to relax deeply into Pachamama's embrace, re-harmonize with nature and connect with the divine essence of each of her elements. Mamaqocha, the feminine spirit of the water, teaches us to find the path of least resistance with wisdom and discernment so that we can flow through life with power and grace.






ABOUT Uxmal:

Uxmal is an ancient Mayan city located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It is considered to be one of the most significant sacred sites of the Mayan civilization. The spiritual significance of Uxmal lies in its connection to the Mayan cosmology and their belief systems. Uxmal is a Sacred Site designed for powerful communication with the divine for receiving spiritual guidance. The creators of Uxmal had the understanding that this was the center of the universe and that it was the place where the gods (our brothers from the stars) had created the world as we know it.


Uxmal offers a transformative experience for anyone seeking spiritual growth and development. The site is filled with energy and vibrations that can elevate one's consciousness and facilitate a deeper connection with the divine. The architecture and design of the structures in Uxmal offers are also believed to be imbued with spiritual significance and meaning. The intricate carvings and sculptures on the walls of the buildings depict scenes from Mayan mythology and offer insight into the beliefs and values of the ancient civilization. This provides you with greater understanding of humanity's ancestral cosmologies and their approach to spirituality.


Please feel free to reach out if you have questions about our retreat and the medicines that we offer. We can be reached at +1-669-258-7054 or 

8 Day Sacred Medicine Retreat
8 Day Sacred Medicine Retreat
May 07, 2023, 2:00 PM – May 14, 2023, 10:00 AM
Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico
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