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When I first embarked on the Shamanic Initiation course, little did I know that it would lead me to a profound understanding of Ayni, the concept of reciprocity. As each lecture and ritual unfolded, I found myself undergoing deep transformations within. 

At around the seventh month of the course, we started the teachings of Ayni. This was a pivotal moment where I began to truly value everyone and everything, including myself. Without any preconceived expectations, I wholeheartedly immersed myself in the work. 

Soon after, I made a decision from the heart—I signed up for the retreat initiation in May 2024. However, I found myself in a situation where I had no other resources but to charge the cost to a credit card. This act, in itself, was an exercise in trust and faith. The heart of the Ayni teachings was the 40-day ritual, symbolized by the Ayni box. 

As the weeks passed, I diligently followed the rituals, pouring my intentions and gratitude into the box. Yet, just before the 40 days were up, my credit cards were fraudulently charged, and I had to replace them. Despite this unexpected setback, I persisted with the ritual and on the 40th day, I buried the Ayni box next to the ocean, releasing my intentions to the universe. 

What happened next was truly magical. The very next day, I received a gift—a sum of money that covered the exact amount needed for the retreat. In that moment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude to Mother-Father Life--the universe, for always providing and protecting me. 

It was a powerful reminder of the unseen forces at work, responding to our intentions and actions. This experience with Ayni has been nothing short of miraculous. It has taught me the profound truth that when we give with an open heart, the universe reciprocates in ways we could never anticipate. I am now filled with a deep sense of trust and gratitude, knowing that I am always supported on this journey of life.


Mato Cánté Tánagi Winyan

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