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“A Journey from Self-Destruction to Generational Healing”

Living a life shaped by trauma led me down a path of self-destruction and chaos. Decades of decisions were made through the lens of a traumatized child, pushing me to the brink until I hit rock bottom in my early 40s. Seeking healing became my lifeline, and after years of exploring various modalities, the turning point came in 2023 with Pachamama Sacred Paths.

Enrolling in their Shamanic Initiation course and participating in their retreats introduced me to the profound healing potential of Sacred Plant Medicine. This transformative experience marked a crucial chapter in my life, bringing about tremendous mental and spiritual healing.

One profound revelation surfaced during this journey – my deep-rooted disconnection with males. Personal experiences had painted a grim picture, leading me to generalize that all men were inherently negative. However, the Sacred Plant Medicine, "San Pedro," offered a unique perspective. It unveiled the pain carried by my ancestors – generations of women weeping and male ancestors in prayer.

This revelation forced me to confront the impact of ancestral trauma on my beliefs and behaviors. It became evident that our actions, whether conscious or unconscious, are intricately linked to our ancestry. The experience allowed me to understand and empathize with the pain of my forebears, fostering a sense of generational healing.

In acknowledging the profound changes in my recent blogs, it's essential to highlight this transformative shift. I now find myself humbled and grateful for the opportunity to undergo generational healing. The apology extended to all mankind reflects a newfound understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of our shared human experience.

As I continue on this journey of self-discovery and healing, I carry the lessons learned through Pachamama Sacred Paths with gratitude. The path from self-destruction to generational healing has been arduous, but the light that emerged from the darkness has made it undeniably worthwhile.


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