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Journey Through the Andes

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Pachamama Sacred Paths is organizing a journey to the Andes mountains with the purpose of fulfilling the Q’ero Prophecies in our life.

In 1949, Cuzco experienced an earthquake that uncovered a temple made of Gold. South America experiences a phenomenon in which the earth liquifies with earthquakes.. Once the Temple was revealed, this was considered the Sign from nature that the prophecies of “Mosoq” (End of Time) were now to be shared with the western cultures.

The Q’ero are the Priests and Priestesses of the Inka Empire, and the Inka Emperor was considered to be the Enlightened one, or, God / Goddess. At the time of the conquest, the Q’ero priests tried to warn the last Inka Emperor Atahualpa and his brother Wasqar about the possible downfall of the Inka Empire. When the Emperor didnt heed their message, the Q’ero tribe went to live in the Andes Mountains to avoid being conquered by the Spanish colonizers.

High in the Andes Mountains, the Q’ero created a Poq’po (Energetic Bubble) which protected them from being affected by Cortez and they were able to protect their way of life and spiritual teachings for over 500 years. Some of the spiritual teachings contained many prophecies, including the prophecy of the return of Pachakuteq: which said that the world would transition into order and harmony. Chaos and Disorder would come to an End.

We have been releasing the Q’ero teachings to the western cultures, preparing ourselves (and everyone else) for “Mosoq” and the fulfillment of the prophecies of the eagle and the condor in which we will all unify the northern and southern cultures and their qualities. As many of you know Nico came to Mount Shasta in February.

Munay (The triad of Love, Wish and Power) will be the guiding force of this great prophecy fulfillment and gathering of the peoples and the Q’ero have been the carriers of Munay and Chaupi (The Middle Path)

The prophecy states that America will become our body and physical strength; Europe will become our head and mind, and South America will be our heart.

For those of us living in North America, we continue to live grounded in the heart and continue practicing those spiritual teachings from the Q’ero preserved over time.

We want to invite you to walk with us and take part in the fulfillment of these prophecies. Be the Pachakuteq in your life and fly alongside the Condor in these times of Being. Now its time for the Mind to ground in the heart this we accomplish both literally and in a symbolic way

We hope to see you in the Andes

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