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July's Gifts

Roadblocks (influence flowing in for the next 60 days)

Old plans and inspired efforts to achieve specific goals may come to a halt, Seemingly stopping you from your desired prosperity.

What is the purpose of this?

We think that doing, while focused on the result of our actions, is the way to be efficient and even responsible. This has been the way of the world. Old collective structures are being tested now.

Our ego then asks through a feeling of fear and attachment: So if I don't worry about the outcome, How can I be responsible? Isn’t the lack of attention to what matters a sign of being mindless? How can I “Know” that what I'm doing is enough? Will my intentions manifest if I don't worry?

Here we want to address something very important which is being unattached to the outcome of inspired thought. For example: On my 2nd Ayahuasca session back in 2013, I was dabbling with Forex trading. I had a newborn baby to take care of. I had great Altruistic inspirations, I had all the reasons why to strive to be successful and “Responsible” As I contemplate all I can do for my life, I ask Mother Ayahuasca, What do I do from here? Should I continue to be a Professional Forex Trader? The answer came in a resounding, strong, heavy baseline YES! I was deeply shocked in 2 ways. One, because how can mother ayahuasca ask me to go and dedicate my life to making money? There must be a purpose, I thought. And two, I was also shocked because of how quick and unequivocally certain that YES came to my heart.

As I began my journey into being a Forex Trader, I then found that within 3 months I had lost close to 20K and had gotten another 18K into debt because Forex was not only expensive but it was also not paying my bills. In fact, Forex was taking all my money away. But, was it? So after some time, I go back to mother Ayahuasca, confused, trying to understand how she (all knowing) could have sent me down this wild goose chase, where the only outcome was for me to experience more pain than I had already experienced.

After some medicine, surrender and devotional asking, I was given an answer. Forex was only the medium for me to learn a lesson about being attached to money, and attached to making money as the answer (or solution) to my challenges. The lessons also brought the key understanding about having expectations tied to the outcome of my creations. In this way, I could start to understand and experience freedom. I understood then, and continue to apply in practical ways, that being attached to money is never a constructive way of creating plans. Attachment in itself creates expectation and therefore suffering. Attachment to money creates lack and stagnancy of flow. Therefore we block the very thing that we desire. Now, if money is not the answer, then what about what money brings? Why not take your children to a Cruise on the Bahamas for 10 days? Why not have the financial resources to create in inspiration the things you are inspired to create? Why not have a life of plush and comfort?

Here we begin to understand the difference between Desire and Purpose. What do I want? Desire… Why do I want what I want? Purpose… So you see, every experience is a means to put into perspective how do we relate to the things we want. What is our purpose and What are our reference points to that purpose.

So coming full circle, we need to understand that now if our efforts are not bearing fruits according to plan, this is only to reflect: ***What are the foundations of my desires? Meaning:

–What is my emotional relationship to this desire?

–What are the emotions relating to my desires? –What are my motivations relating my desires? –Am I satisfying a comfort zone structured in fear (energy block) or Passion and love (Energy flow)? –How can I continue with my desire and succeed in the face of these roadblocks that I am manifesting?

–How do I let go of the outcome of my desires?

Realizing that we are the ones putting the roadblocks in our lives, will help us take responsibility more easily for the things that are out of natural and divine order.

A Further Theme these coming months is What are we dealing with Energetically?

1. Emotional and Mental stability:

**At a Collective level - 4 paradigms (4 Horsemen) shaking the collective Wold - wide: Financial, appreciation of worth based on essence and not monetary value

Science, appreciation of knowledge based on wisdom not external conjecture

Politics, appreciation of freedom based on divine right not on limitations

Religion, appreciation of divinity based on the essence of life itself

**At a Personal level - With the Purpose of feeling what's holding us stagnant in place. Are any of my past securities/safeties meant to be reconsidered? Am I my money? Am I my thinking? Am I my Role in my household? These emotions and collective feelings are moving through the whole world, contributing to the collective ascension.

How am I feeling today? For example, I am Heavy. Then, Is it: Ancestral, collective, is it Uraña Kawsay (Celestial influences)

Know Thyself


2. Trauma Awareness

***Becoming aware of solutions to Trauma,

We unfortunately have emotional and mental behaviors based on trauma, based on painful past experiences. 1 of the Qhapaq Ñan’s lessons is that we “Unconsciously” love to embrace and hug suffering. Conflict becomes our passion for life. This is painful to realize however being clear with these patterns can help us observe ourselves in the face of these stories which are not what you want anymore. Less you want to continue in the comfort of these patterns.

Healing from our Trauma, in a way, means that I can experience the trauma’s response and remain in neutral observance to who I’ve been and choosing consciously where am I going and choosing who am I”

Where does our power lie? In the archetypes of conflict (savior, victim, executioner) or in the presence of the I AM.

Reinforce your belief in Safety and shine your light

Look for the medicine of our mother nature Heal your ancestry bonds.

Enjoy life & Become life itself

Noccan Kani

Illatiksi Yael

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