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Love Thyself

Life is like a video game. We keep going through the same steps every day in hope for one day we can become a master by finding the secret doors or continue to repeatedly doing whatever we have been doing in hope of one day we will accumulate enough power to move to the next level. There are time we decide to give up. 

The secret doors to navigate through life on earth are unconditional love. Yes, I said doors.  The secret to achieve unconditional love is self-love. Mark 12:21 said “Thy shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” We can’t give what we don’t have. We can only give when we overflow.

The more love we give to ourselves the bigger our cups are going to become. There are no limitations on how big we want our cups to be. We do so by caring for the vulnerable inner child that was hurt so badly. Embrace them. Thank them for trying so hard, love them the way they are, forgive them for whatever mistakes they have made, sorry that we were not there when they needed us…. Our lives on earth are all about experiences. Let the inner child of ours come out and play. Let that inner child of ours recreate the reality he/she wants. Surrender to darkness and leave the fear behind us then we will see the light inside of us that we would like to enter. Pay attention to our thoughts; if they can make us sad, they have the same power to make us happy. If they can make us sick, they have the same power to heal. Choose our thoughts consciously by paying attention to our feelings – our hearts and our organic desires; we will be able to realize that we go through life with a serious of self-realizations – the secret doors to love. Our perceptions of life will gradually change as our cups overflow and will continue to evolve until it becomes a flow and when we no longer need to give love a definition. Trust the process; live our days with gratitude and intentions; allow, receive and expand. 

Love thyself was the message I received from Mother Gaia in my journey with the sacred medicines in the past year

. I am grateful! 

With love,

Pi Chi

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