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Pachamama Speaks: Manifesting with Mama Allpa

Pachamama, our Earth Mother, provides humanity with all the resources we need to thrive. Water to nourish our bodies and hydrate our cells, and an abundance of natural, healing foods. Her bountiful beauty relaxes the mind and soothes the Soul. When we allow our intuition to be our guide, we can hear the whispers of her Spirit, gifting us Oracles in nature. Her sacred messages, just for you, may be carried along the currents of a river, within the tides of the ocean, or in a bird song…. They are all around us, awaiting our awareness. 

Tune into nature, hear her call, and be in Ayni (sacred reciprocity) with Mama Allpa. Honor her as a child would a mother, for we are the children of Pachamama. Within her womb of wisdom, we grow, evolve, and flourish. Birthed from the star dust that lights her night skies… unique, beautiful, and magical in our own ways. We can work with our Earth Mother to release what no longer serves us and manifest the dreams on our hearts. When we are in Ayni with Mama Allpa, blessings return to us tenfold. 

Ways to Connect and Manifest with Pachamama 

  1. Despachos, Ceremony, & Sacred Offerings

We are multidimensional beings, and in ceremony, we are the bridge between the Cosmos and the Mother Earth. It is here, where we open Sacred Space, connect to other planes of existence, and call on the Apus, Nature Spirits, our ancestors, the 4 directions… It is here the portals open to receive whatever it is we decide to program with our intention. Despachos are a beautiful way to be in Ayni with Pachamama, where we can gift her a sacred offering in return for helping us heal, transform, and manifest our desires into physical reality. Sacred offerings in the form of despacho gifts, sweets, wine, or simply words of gratitude and love, are food for Pachamama and Sami Ayni for us. 

  1. Personal Cosmology

Your Personal Cosmology is your unique blueprint, your personal universe. It is your consciousness, beliefs, actions…. It’s what makes you, YOU. The Macrocosm can be a mirror for your own life (we are literally Star Dust, made up of the same substance as the stars in the sky!).

 As above so below.

As within, so without.

 As the Universe, so the Soul. 

Taita Inti (The Sun) can be seen as the symbol of our purpose.

 Where do you shine the brightest? 

What lights up your Soul? 

What seems to grow and flourish with your unique magic? 

Mamakilla (The Moon) can represent our emotions. 

What makes you feel safe, grounded, and fulfilled? 

In what ways can you nurture body, mind, and spirit? 

Becoming attuned to the cycles of Pachamama can support us along our journey. The cycles of the moon are potent times for energy work. When the moon is impregnated and full, we can ask ourselves what we’re ready to birth or what we’re ready to release and let go of. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings; a fresh start; a time to plant seeds within her fertile soil. The Solstices are portals of renewal, initiation, reflection, and manifestation. We are cyclical beings and just like Mama Allpa, we go through phases of death and re-birth, periods of light and shadow, times of rest and reflection, or times of blooming, blossoming, and harvest. I invite you to reflect on what cycle of life you are currently in, be in gratitude for where you are along your journey, and see the gifts within whatever phase of life you’re in at the moment.

  1. Oracles & Divination 

Pachamama speaks to us in the language of symbols, signs, and Oracles. We can communicate with her directly by simply asking for a sign in any way that resonates with our Personal Cosmology. When we slow down and listen to the whispers of our intuition, our hearts are open and receptive to Mama Allpa’s wisdom. Perhaps it is chills up the spine; a bird flying overhead from the portal of the West (the home of the setting sun); or the sound of thunder in the distance. Trust that what you are receiving is meant for you. 

Divination practices, such as the Andean practice of reading Coca leaves, is another way to receive direct answers, guidance, and insight from Pachamama. We can work with divinatory practices in nature or with specific tools to communicate with nature.

  1. Embodiment 

As the vessel for our Soul, the body speaks a language of its own. The wisdom of our bodies can be expressed in many ways. 

Tears as our medicine. 

Emotions as our energy in motion. 

Embodiment practices can be a beautiful way to heal, transform, and manifest. Here are some embodiment practices for grounding, manifestation, and healing: 

  • Allow yourself to express your anger through rage dancing or releasing a primal scream. 

  • Do an abun-DANCE to call in more wealth and prosperity. Move your body intuitively, and let it take you where it desires to flow.

  • Allow the pain of the past to flow through your pen on paper and then rip it up and bury it beneath a mountain for transmutation.

  •  Like an animal, physically shake off feelings of anxiousness or fear. 

  • Discover where the emotion lives in your body and speak to it. Where is it located? What is the feeling, color, texture? What memory comes up? Allow your emotions to be healed and given to Pachamama or the Cosmos in the form of Sami for transmutation. 

  • Participate in breathwork, allowing your breath to be your guide and flow where it needs to go for ultimate health and healing. 

  • Practice Andean Energy Healing techniques to increase your vibration, transmute Hucha into Sami, and heal the emotional and physical bodies. 

I invite you to listen to the whispers of your intuition, connect with Pachamama and hear the wisdom she has to share with you and the guidance/insights she brings to support you along your journey. With the unconditional love and support of Mama Allpa, commit to your calling, discover your purpose, and begin manifesting the dreams on your heart. You are Divinely held and supported. In the words of my breathwork teacher, “You are worthy simply because you breathe”.  

Munay, munay, munay! 

With love,

Nani Sky-Wolf

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