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Saying goodbye to 2022

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

This has been the most wonderful year (yet). A year of immense change for the collective and for us personally. Huge challenges with the purpose of life-embodying transformations. We've received many questions asking: How do I deal with these emotional changes and challenges? What's the best course of action spiritually? How do we co-create a conscious future as a collective?

The answer lies in the following questions:

What does it mean to flow in Illatiksi (Divine Consciousness)? What is the process of becoming the Pachakuteq (The living god)?

Why would we want to embody the Pachakuteq, or Christ consciousness? The answer varies from school to school and from cosmology to cosmology. But the answer is simple: Because it is your natural state, your highest potential in nature, the master plan that is guiding you to your maximum potential of expression. What is your highest aspiration for this life and spiritual path? The way the Pachakuteq starts to manifest in this life we share, is through the balancing of all energy, at both microcosm and macrocosm levels. As you have seen or heard, The energetic structure of old paradigms are falling. You may feel them falling within you as well as collectively. Depending on where you are standing in your understanding of this Balancing, this could feel either like difficulties or purposeful synchronicities As we move into 2023, we come into an acceleration in alignment of the Pacha (time and space). Gradually & Collectively, everyone will experience the balancing process more consciously. We've glimpsed life becoming the Ayahuasca process, the Sacred Medicine process. Life is taking us by the hand so we can learn to walk in Being. The questions arising is, ”How much attachment do I have to those thoughts, beliefs, or emotions that are not flowing?” If this reflection stirs fear in you, all it means is that you have an opportunity for making life easy on yourself. You will choose, either the easy way or the hard way, But whether by grounded and conscious choice or by neglect, consciousness will manifest in form for you to learn what you signed up for. The question then evolves: Why not learn the lessons from your inner Pachakuteq the easy way? Many teachers have said: We must be prepared for when the master comes. The master in this metaphor is the energy of Self, and Its gradual becoming within you, could feel like a Reckoning, Karma or the balancing mentioned above. However, as you align more and more to the ease of the heart, you can relax in learning the ways of flow into this Pachakuteq / Christ consciousness With all this change, we invite you to continue in your commitment to your ascension. Whether it is through: - Initiation into a lineage of consciousness - Energy Work - Yoga - Pratismarati Breathwork - Hollow Silence - Sacred Plant Medicine - Portacle Sound Healing - Mantra Yoga - Seva - Prayer - Connecting with Nature - Ritual - Fasting - When you intentionally engage in any of these practices offered, you become the prayer that becomes the Christ consciousness More than ever, this is a perfect moment to realize that there is no more time. The time is now. Now we reflect, what is your vibration? Who are you, really? It is this question in the back of your mind which is burning into the hearts of every man and woman. The question itself is asking to be answered by you. Asking you to embody Pachakuteq.

We hope you start 2023 with a Big Bang of commitment to align your energy as much as you can for the embodiment of the Divine in you. Pachamama Sacred Paths

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