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The Divine Power within your Vulnerability

Updated: May 19, 2022

Allin P’unchaw Wayqekuna, Panaykuna, Sumaq Kawsay! We are hoping you had a beautiful April filled with Magic and powerful change… April gifted us with many themes of learning: Prioritizing our Self-Care before offering service to others. Dealing with feelings of overwhelm and burnout.

How to deal with this?

We practice Kawsay, we acknowledge the feelings, we give ourselves the space and time to feel our feelings with the purpose of observing their flow: I feel myself getting irritated, Angry, Overwhelmed etc… ok, Im experiencing anger, sadness (Whatever it is) and I can observe myself in front of these energies. I exist in the face of these energies

Meditate (edit yourself) & cancel agreements with negative emotions. Cancel the negative patterns through ritual.

April had an influx of light, and these waves of energy shook awareness (As Always) with the purpose to uplift, and all of us being on the frontlines, experienced most of April as a deep cleansing for a greater expansion. Continue to learn to ask for help

1 more theme that April gave way to is Discomfort to transformation, and this happens because before expanding there is a contraction that takes place. The night is at its darkest right before dawn. It is the Ego becoming fearful of letting go of old patterns… Fear not, there is no other way except forward, so we all might as well just relax Another Lesson was Relationship healing: Love, Friendships, Business etc

Feeling consumed and entangled by others’ emotional reactions,

If you find yourself being reactive, go into introspection, examine yourself. Take space, do not engage with others while being reactive. Explore yourself first, where does it come from? Usually, the root comes from mom or dad (sometimes both). Locate your own wounds and heal them. It is our purpose to teach and assist in the healing of your wounds (our wounds) because we are all mirrors and we are committed to this path towards freedom through responsibility

Now May is bringing a new teaching: the power of vulnerability. May will allow us to experience our vulnerability in a new light. All those situations in our lives which bring up deep vulnerability will be accentuated this month, with the purpose of resilience and strength. While continuing to evolve April’s teachings, May will now send us into deeper exploration of our vulnerabilities. Where do you feel weak in your life? Is it my self-image? Finances? Self-acceptance? Or maybe feel weak (uncertain) in your love or friendship relationships.

May is here to shake the roots of your identity. This doesn't have to be an ominous time just as long as you remember that divine timing and divine providence are always perfect. In this point of wisdom you can flow and move through the motions of your life and the world, for you to heal and ascend in the easiest way possible.

The purpose of these questions is a gradual collective awakening. And through this identity crisis we usually go into fear of the past not being there anymore to reassure us. Is the old me going to be enough for this Now, this present moment?

The purpose of this shaking is to give way to a collective identity shift. The whole planet collectively is to awaken to new questions: Who am I, Who am I really?

Can we make space for ourselves in these times of apparent instability? What do you want in this moment? What is your Munay (Hearts desire)? This is a very special moment for our planet, the brink for those who signed up for this path of awareness. This is not 1 moment but a phase of transformation…

Some questions we want to reflect are the following:

-How am I flowing through these collective energies? -How much acceptance of my situations do I have on my day to day basis? -How do I feel about myself, my past, my thoughts, my emotions?

-How much is my life benefiting my environment? -How am I taking action and responsibility for the things I would like to change in my life?

As we walk home, I invite you to walk us! Initiate yourself deeper into your warrior consciousness to observe, reflect, grow, and expand our luminosity.

Sending you luminous Hugs and Blessings

Noccan Kani


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