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Walking in Sacred Reciprocity

The Andean Code of Ayni is the embodiment of sacred reciprocity, a living code of inner harmony; an expression of coherence. This Cosmic Law is a universal principle that says, “nothing ever goes one way”. For example, when we are walking in Sami (highest vibrational energy), we receive Sami Ayni in return. If we are giving Hucha (dense, low vibrational energy) we receive Hucha Ayni in return. As conscious beings, living the ways of the Andean Tradition, we are responsible for our actions. The warrior within gets to observe how our actions affect the world around us, and we get to strive to live in a way that uplifts humanity into higher consciousness. Ayni is also the Ley Line of Free Will; it is an energetic gift to the world. When we walk in Ayni, we receive these gifts in return in ways that support our soul’s growth and evolution (and therefore, the growth and evolution of the collective). 

The Gifts of Ayni

Sacred Reciprocity & Exchange

Nothing ever goes one way. What we give, we receive exponentially. Embodying the Ayni code is to walk in harmony with Pachamama. When we take care of her, we’re taking care of ourselves. She provides us with all the resources we need. Grounding, stability, and foundation as the Earth below our feet. Water to quench our thirst, like the blood that runs through our veins. Fire to transmute our pain into power, like the electrical impulses that make our heartbeat. Air that whispers words of wisdom and carries seeds to be planted for our benefit; like the air that moves through our lungs and in return provides food for our plants. Ayni is always present, awaiting our awareness; so that what we give in Sami, we receive in Sami.  

Unconditional Love & Support

Ayni is also unconditional and mutual help. It carries our wishes on its wings, like bees carry pollen in sacred reciprocity, for the flowers to bloom. Our wishes are like seeds, and Ayni takes them where they need to go for their ultimate growth. Walking in Ayni is like watering our dreams, nourishing their roots with unconditional love. In return, we get to drink the sweet nectar of all we’ve given in sacred exchange.


Personal Power

To embody Ayni is to be the conscious warrior that does everything with intention. When we are aware of this reciprocal energy, our intention becomes a living deed that influences the world around us for the highest good of all. Our intention is the energy that influences what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. Personal power, conscious awareness, and intention are the foundation of our vibrational frequency. This vibrational frequency flows in sacred exchange with the universe itself and ultimately affects our overall life. 

Living the Andean Code of Ayni is to be the embodiment of Yachay (Divine wisdom, cosmic intelligence), Munay (unconditional love, wish, and power), and Llankay (Divine service, sacred labor, infinite support). The awareness of this Cosmic Law is to understand the energy that drives the universe, influencing what we do and as a result, what we receive in return. If we carry love, we receive love. If we let our emotions take over and react rather than respond, we receive chaos in return. Remember, all is neutral. The Cosmic Law’s of the universe and the outcome of how we choose to interact with them are neither “good” nor “bad”. However, when we consciously choose to live in Sami Ayni, it is a gift to humanity that raises the vibration of the entire planet and as a result, we receive gifts in return that are more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. 

Munay, munay, munay!

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